Compliance Designed Specifically for Small Business!​

Annual Contract

$ 600
00 Per Year
  • 0-100 Employee Accounts
  • Unlimited Safety Data Sheets
  • Unlimited Training Modules
  • Unlimited Policy Storage
  • Unlimited Incident Reports
  • Document Review & Approve
  • And More!

Meet OSHA's "Right-to-Know" Standards in One Location

No Hidden Fees

We provide upfront costs to all of our clients. See FAQ’s for more detail.

Frequently asked questions

HazComReady was created as a resource for small to medium sized companies. If your organization has more than one facility we would love to serve you and provide a discount per additional facility. If your company has over 100 active employees the price will increase as larger organizations require more server usage. See below for more pricing details:

  • Multiple Facility Discount: Annual Contract of $600 + $500/additional facility
  • Excess of 100 active employees: Annual Contract + $500 per year/facility
  • Excess of 200 active employees per organization: Please contact us for pricing and to ensure our platform is suitable for your needs.
Please call us with questions and upon checkout for assistance with multiple facilities and larger organizations.

For one (1) week and at a cost of $750:

  • We remotely provide Hazard Communication Program startup assistance. 
  • We aid in selecting the correct policies and procedures for your industry and answer questions regarding OSHA and USP 800 requirements.
  • Additionally, for USP 800, we can compare your formulary (inventory) to the NIOSH Hazardous Drug List and help you identify HDs within your organization.
If you don’t have time to update our templates, we also offer Operational Consulting for an hourly rate. With Operational Consulting we can help individualize templates and training specifically to your organization. We will work directly with your organization’s point of contact to meet your needs.

HazComReady is accessible for employees and employers from mobile devices. If your employees are working remotely off campus or in the field, they will be able to access company policies, training, and workplace Safety Data Sheets (SDS).

Companies can upload their current policies and procedures and use our templates to create new ones.

If you have any other questions feel free to contact us through email or phone. [Contact Us]