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Workplace Safety &
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Meet OSHA's "Right-to-Know" Standards in One Location

Transparent Pricing – No Additional Fees


(0-100 Employees)

Transparent Pricing &
No Additional Fees


(0-100 Employees)

Save Time HazComReady

Save Time

Maintain Compliance

Focus on Your Operations

We proudly partner with the best in support of small business

Be known for Protecting your People!

Gain the trust of Employees, Customers & Inspectors by showing you focus on safety.

Employee Training

No Pay-per-use modules. Unlimited access to Training & Policy Templates!

Unlimited SDS Files

Use our database and provide employees access in their work area!

Maintain Compliance

Save time with our automated facility dashboard and ensure compliance!

“All small businesses want to stay in compliance but can rarely find the time to keep documents up-to-date. We finally found an affordable solution with great resources.”
– ARC Metal

Compliance Where You Need It!

Every Day & Every Shift

SDS Database

No more paper binders - search our database and let us compile your Safety Data Sheets for you.

Employee Training

Use our modules and give employees 24/7 access to training. Ensure all training is documented and set future due dates.

Policy Review & Approve

Eliminate the hassle of manually documenting review dates. Our Review & Approve feature ensures every document is up-to-date.

Incident Reporting​

Generate the time consuming OSHA 300 forms without redundant data entry and allow employees to submit incident reports.

Built for Small Business

Protect Your Employees

The Most Efficient Platform for Managing Employee Communication and Safety

Protect Your Business

We keep it SIMPLE so you spend LESS time managing documents and MORE time on your Business.

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Be known for Protecting your People